Playing Grownup

Hi guys!

Over the weekend, I went to a conference and had to wear business appropriate clothing.  It was pretty cool because I actually love professional outfits even though I don’t have many opportunities to wear them as a high school student.  Blogs like make me itch to put on some pretty blouses and pencil skirts!

Now on with the outfits:

Outfit 23       Outfit 24

1) H&M dress and jacket
Since I’m pretty short, I love how this cropped jacket lengthens my legs!  You can’t see it, but I’m also wearing a small clarinet pin from marching band on the lapel.  This is the most casual of my three business outfits.

Outfit 22       Outfit 21

2) H&M blazer and dress, Forever 21 scarf
This outfit was inspired by 🙂  I saw Jean wearing a sheath dress from Asos and was ecstatic when I found this exact dupe (except for the color) at H&M for only $3.50!  They were having a buy one get one free promotion on sale items.  The grey scarf is super warm and cozy for the brisk walk to the conference room.

Outfit 20       Outfit 19

3) H&M blazer, Dynamite (Canadian brand) dress
I got this dress a while ago when I visited Canada, and although I like the color and tiered design (not very visible in the pictures), there are a lot of loose threads.  I pulled most of them out, though, so it wasn’t too noticeable.

I wore black bow heels with all the outfits despite the cold commute (darn!  I should have brought boots with me).  Also, ignore the green band on my wrist!  It’s a pass for a party and I forgot to take it off 😛  As you probably already noticed, H&M is my go-to store for cute, affordable professional clothing.  I often get the dresses on sale for less than $10!  You probably also noticed that I wore a lot of dresses.  I actually do not own any pencil skirts, so I had to wear dresses every day.

I had no school today because it’s Midwinter Break.  Most schools have up to a week off, but my school only gave us one day off T_T.  I’ll finish it off with my lazy at-home outfit:

Outfit 18

One last note: see the neat room?  Many thanks to my lovely mom and sister for cleaning up for me while I was away 🙂

Until next time,



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