A Sneak Peek

Hi guys!

I have quite a few outfits from the past couple months on my phone, so I’m going to post some here for now.  You’ll see a lot of layering because I live in the Midwest and it gets pretty cold.  I guess this will serve as a sneak peek for posts to come :).  Also, don’t mind the mess in the background and the awkward slippers.  I do wear nicer shoes outside and promise to show them in the future!

Outfit 1       Outfit 14

1) Kohls cardigan, Forever 21 belt, PacSun jeans
2) Forever 21 scarf and sweater, Gapkids shorts (yay for shorties in the kids section :P)

Outfit 10       Outfit 17

3) Skating with my sister: Aeropostale hoodie, thrifted scarf, vest, and leg warmers
4) Thrifted sweater, Forever 21 shirt and belt, JCPenney jeans

Outfit 9       Outfit 6

5) Forever 21 vest, old shirt, JCPenney jeans
6) Forever 21 peacoat and scarf, Aeropostale cardigan (underneath), thrifted wool skirt

There’s much more to come later!

Until next time,



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