Outfit: Red Velvet

Hi guys!

I’m wearing SHOES!!! 🙂
My outfit today consisted of many of my current favorite styles: collars, tweed, lace, and ruffles!  There’s lace piping down the center of the blouse and ruffles at the back of the cardigan.  I also love the blush color of the blouse and the rust color of the cardigan.  Together, they remind me of yummy red velvet cake 🙂

Outfit 25       Outfit 27

Forever 21 blouse, Parisian cardigan, Gapkids shorts, Old Navy boots.

Outfit 28       Outfit 29

These Old Navy boots have actually held up pretty well!  I got them at the beginning of last year and they have proven to be a winter staple.  In the winter, I actually often wear leggings and tights instead of pants because they’re so comfy and warm!  I use thermal tights and fleece-lined leggings to ward of cold winds.  I got the bangle watch at a small store on a cruise, and though it was only $10, it’s still functioning well after two months!

Since it’s supposed to be really cold tomorrow, I’m planning on doing a special post about dressing for cold weather.  Stay tuned for more!

Until next time,




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