How-to: Staying Cozy

Hi guys!

As stated yesterday, I’m doing a how-to post today!  I’m taking advantage of the cold weather today to write a post about dressing for warmth.  Here is a sample outfit:

Outfit 29arrowOutfit 30

1) Base layer: Forever 21 tank top and boots, JC Penney jeans *Wear a close fitting base to allow for layers*
2) Soft layer: Aeropostale cardigan *A soft, insulating layer keeps your outfit comfy*

Outfit 31arrowOutfit 32

3) Heavy-duty layer: Wetseal jacket *A barrier layer gives warmth and protection*
4) Extra layer: Forever 21 vest *A knitted vest keeps you toasty*

Outfit 33       Outfit 35

5) Accessories: Forever 21 scarf *I LOVE THICK SCARVES!!!  They are so chic and cozy :)*
6) This outfit was actually too warm for my school, so I didn’t wear the jacket today.  I just wore the vest on top of the cardigan.  It actually looks better this way too!

Outfit 34       photo-38

7) Cute boots from Forever 21!  I used to avoid ankle boots because they make my short legs look even shorter, but these are okay.  In the winter, I often give in to comfort and wear Bearpaw boots instead of cute shoes though.
8) POLKA DOT MITTENS!  I got these on sale the other day and they are so cozy!  Isotoner makes really nice gloves/mittens with thick lining inside.

Keep in mind that I also put on my super-thick down coat on top of all these layers!

Some more helpful tips:

  • Layer!  Layer!  Layer!  I often wear a black turtleneck under sweaters, cardigans, sweater dresses, etc.  Try using vests as well!  Also experiment with different silhouettes: long-sleeve shirts under short-sleeve sweaters, LEGWARMERS over leggings/tights, capes over long-sleeved shirts, etc.
  • Belt it up to stay shapely 🙂  You can put a belt on top of a cardigan/sweater, shirt, or jacket or wear a belted coat.  Depending on the fit of the top, a belt can even transform it into a peplum style!
  • Use accessories: scarves, mittens, hats, legwarmers, earmuffs, etc.  If you haven’t watched it already, make sure you check out this video on how to wear scarves: 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf
  • Wear leggings!  Many stores sell fleece-lined leggings that I find are actually warmer than pants.  However, always make sure your behind is covered, whether with a tunic, dress, skirt, or shorts (I love the shorts+tights/leggings combo)

That’s all for now!  Good luck staying cozy!

Until next time,



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