Outfit: Star-Spangled

Hi guys!

Today I am wearing two of my favorite pieces from China!  I love shopping in China because they have unique styles that are hard to find in America.  Plus, marketplace prices are more wallet-friendly than retail prices!  I am also showing you one of my favorite ways to layer: long sleeve tops under short sleeve jackets/sweaters/cardigans.

Outfit 44       Outfit 43

China jacket, China shirt, JC Penney jeans

Outfit 45       Outfit 42

There are so many cool aspects of this jacket: the huge hood, the ruched pockets, the star print on the inside (you can sort of see it in the hood) and the sparkly sequin star on the back.  The shirt is cool too, with lace embellishments and rhinestones.

I also included a picture of the outfit I changed into yesterday evening before going out for class/interview/errands.  The rainbow pastel scarf from Forever 21 is so cute! The peacoat is from Forever 21 as well, and I wore the same PacSun jeans.

Until next time,



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