Sale Alert: Target Jeans!

Hi guys!

It’s about time I mentioned printed jeans on this blog!  I happened to be browsing target online and found out that they have looooots of different kinds of printed/coated/colored jeans and pants on sale, so I thought I’d share some with you.  Best of all, they’re only $8.04 each!

Coated jeans: Click here!
Baroque print jeans: Click here!
Pastel jeans: Click here!
Colored jeans: Click here!
Metallic jeans: Click here!
Floral jeans: Click here!
Feather jeans: Click here!
Marble jeans: Click here!
Lace jeans: Click here!

There are lots of other kinds, including animal print, houndstooth, plaid, etc, but the ones above are the ones I like the most (animal print isn’t my cup of tea).  Keep in mind that Target items are often even more discounted in stores than they are online.  Also, fit 6 jeans tend to run smaller while fit 4 jeans tend to run larger.

Happy shopping!

Until next time,



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