How-to: Bright Bottoms

Hi guys!

I have several different kinds of pants, and since tomorrow is neon day (My school is currently having spirit week.  Today was pajama day, so I didn’t have much to post about outfit-wise), I thought I should do a post on how to wear bright neon pants!  I’m going to be demonstrating with my bright pink ones from GAP.  They don’t appear as neon in the pictures, but trust, me, they stand out quite a bit in real life.

Outfit 62       Outfit 34

1) Marshalls jacket, Forever 21 scarf and shoes: Rocker girl?  I usually don’t wear this style, but thought it would be cool to try it out!

Outfit 61       Outfit 60

2) Love Culture blouse, Kohls cardigan, H&M booties (thrifted): This is more my style.  Collared shirt?  Check.  Cute buttons?  Check.  Slouchy knit?  Check. 😉

Outfit 59       Outfit 54

3) Marshalls cape, DSW flats: I love the pink + grey combo and (you probably already guessed) capes!  I think that the grey softens up the brightness of the pink.

Outfit 58       Outfit 57

4) Macy’s sweater, H&M scarf, Old Navy loafers: Surprisingly enough, I think pink and brown look good together as well.  This outfit features the bright pants paired with soft brown and dusty pink.

5) Forever 21 shirt, Old Navy loafers: YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH POLKA DOTS!!!  End of story 🙂  This shirt with small gold dots and chiffon material goes especially well with the pants.

Outfit 53       Outfit 55

Close up of my thrifted H&M booties (came with tag!) and Old Navy loafers!  I’ve been wearing the loafers a lot, even with the snow outside, because they go with almost everything.

Some more tips for bright pants:

  • If you want to play it safe, stick with white/grey/black on top
  • If you want to be bold, try incorporating complementary colors (blue+yellow, purple+orange, green+red)
  • Experiment with new color combos!  I personally like to stay away from orange and black (Halloween), green and red (Christmas), and black and yellow (bumble bee) though.
  • Don’t make your outfit too busy: if you have bright colors, try to lay off the prints.  Mixing prints + mixing bright colors + bold accessories = overload
  • Look for tops with small hints of your pant color.  For example, the yellow collared blouse I wore in outfit two had small flowers all over it and some were the same fuchsia pink.  This really brought the two pieces together.
  • Color block: bright bottoms give you the perfect opportunity to try color blocking!

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