Outfit + Cookies + Prom!?

Hi guys!

TODAY WAS A SNOW DAY!!! Thank God my life was saved.  Now I have time to catch up on homework!

Outfit 63       Outfit 64

Gap sweater, Forever 21 scarf, JC Penney jeans, DSW flats

My outfit today is pretty simple because I’m staying at home: skinny jeans + flats + sweater + scarf.  This scarf is so incredibly long though!  I wrapped it around 3 times!  If I just wore it my usual way (folding it in half and looping it through), it would have came down past my knees.  I like the color, the length and the thickness, but it does leave lots of yarn puffs (I don’t know what else to call them?) everywhere.
I made cookies for a volunteering event scheduled today.  I just used this recipe: Click here!
It’s such an easy recipe and all of the ingredients are common household items.  Perfect for someone like me, because I’m not very good at cooking.

On another note, I’m beginning to look for prom dresses!  I’m actually more excited for finding the dress than for the actual dance, even though I’ve never been to a school dance before.  The perfect dress for me would have lace, flared bottom, bow(s), and pretty chiffon.  Plus, it would be knee length.  I don’t know why, but I feel like I suit knee length dresses more than full length ones.  Maybe it’s because I’m pretty short?  Anyways, here are some ones from Modcloth that I’ve been eyeing.  Modcloth dresses are so pretty, but they’re typically more expensive because Modcloth resells clothing from other brands.  So, they’re just for inspiration, not for actually buying.  Without further ado (the names are linked to the website):

Gold DressPink LaceMint dress

1) Goodnight, Swoon
2) When the Night Comes
3) That’s What I Mint

Yellow DressPetals DressCotillon Dress

4) Sweet as Lemon Squares
5) Raining Petals
6) Garden Cotillon

Click on the links because they’re so much prettier close-up!  Which one is your favorite?

Until next time,



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