My Haven

Hi guys!

In addition to fashion, I also enjoy interior decorating and crafts.  So, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite parts of my room!  It includes lots of DIYs, cute arrangements, etc.


1) This is the first thing you see when you enter the room.  I bought these stickers at the dollar store and the lanterns at a party store.  The flowers are from Michaels: I painted wood flowers white, then glue-gunned on fabric flowers, then put pearls in the center.
2) More stickers and flowers!  I arranged these over my bed so that it looks like they’re exploding out from one point.  The flowers bouquet on my headboard is made from cupcake wrappers!  They’re really easy to make and SO cute.


3) MY COMFY CHAIR!!!  I saw this huge, soft corner charm at Value City Furniture and fell in love with it.  Both the owl pillow and the owl picture are from garage sales.  I actually got the desk from amazon here in beech/ivory and spray-painted it white.  It’s small, but it’s the perfect size for my comfy corner!
4) I made these wall decorations after seeing various korean dramas with similar decorations.  I painted the clothespins pink to be extra cute 🙂


5) The “bench” is actually a shelf thing from IKEA.  I put in pink bins and fill them up with various things like craft supplies, notebooks, folders, etc.
6) The top of my dresser has part of my animal figurine collection from my garage-saling days.  I put birthday cards from my parents in the pink container you see in the right corner.  You can get lots of these cute wood containers at craft stores and paint them to the color of your liking.  And yes.  That is a wig on my piggy bank.


7) MY LOVELY HANDMADE WALL CALENDAR!  I made it out of foam board, scrapbook paper, and velcro and made the “day” labels removable so that I can reuse it for different months.  I don’t actually take the time to use it though, so it doesn’t really have a practical function.  Oh well.  It’s pretty 🙂
8) I put more cute figurines and stuff on top of my mini bookshelf.


9) The coat hanger is another piece that I bought from Michaels and painted.  Then, I stuck butterfly stickers on normal drinking cups and put in pretty jewelry/hair accessories.
10) And of course I added more flowers over my closet.  These were made the same way as the ones in (1) and (2).

I moved into this room a couple years ago and took on the big project of buying all the furniture and arranging everything with a budget of $1000.  Therefore, I did a lot of DIY and painting to stay in my budget!  I’m sad that I’m going to have to leave this safe haven of mine when I go to college, but I’m very excited to start decorating my college dorm 🙂

On another note, today was black-and-orange day at my school (since those are the school colors) so here is what I wore:

photo-74       photo-84

Both the bow and the scarf are from my skating team.  The coach hand-knitted the scarf!

Whew!  That was a long post.  Until next time,


PS: You may have noticed that my face isn’t covered anymore!  🙂


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