Outfit: Faded Floral

Hi guys!

Many of my prettiest pieces of clothing are from thrift stores.  The shirt I wore today is one example of the many beautiful pieces you can find while thrifting!  Just note: smaller local consignment shops and stores like Plato’s Closet usually have good blouses and trend pieces.  On the other hand, larger thrift stores like the Salvation Army have deeper discounts but are better for basics like comfy sweaters (I’ve found many cashmere ones at my local Salvation Army for ~$5 or less!).

photo-85       photo-87

Thrifted shirt, Kohl’s cardigan, PacSun jeans, and Amazon boots

photo-86       photo-88

A close-up of the shirt!  I love the lace bib detail, cinched waist, soft floral print, and billowy sleeves.  This combination of brown (the boots are actually brown, even though they look black in the pictures) and purple actually worked out quite nicely 🙂  I’m hoping to incorporate more unconventional color-combinations in future outfits.

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