Haul: Red Riding Hood and Harry Potter Colors

Hi guys!

This is going to be a mini-haul from Old Navy!  I was on a shopping ban, but couldn’t help going because I had a $50 gift card and a $15 off $50 purchase coupon.  Now on with the goods:

photo-96       photo-95

1) My FAVORITE purchase!  This was the only one on the rack and was in petite sizing too!  The sticker said $49.99, but it was supposed to be half off because it was an online return.  However, it rang up as only $13.99!  After the coupon, it was only $10.63!  SO PERFECT 🙂  It’s sold out online, but there might still be some in-stores.

photo-94       photo-93

It has a fishtail design in the back ( you can sort of see in the side-view photo) and a detachable quilted interior layer for extra warmth.  You can adjust the waist by unbuttoning one of the buttons holding in the quilting and using the nob on the inside of the jacket.  The only part that I didn’t love was the unlined hood, but at $10.63, I think it’s pretty good!  The best part for me was the perfect fit.  Usually jacket sleeves are too long and waist set too low, but this one had proportions that fit me just right 😀

I didn’t find much else in the women’s section.  There were lots of jeans on sale for ~$9-12, but they were all too long.  I also tried on this jacket from the kid’s section, but though the body fit nicely, the arms were weirdly wide.  Too bad, because I did like the ruffle collar and dotted lining.

My next two purchases were actually from the men’s section!  There were SO many items from the men’s section for under $10!

photo-92       photo-91

2) This cardigan is actually incredibly huge on me, but is so soft and comfy!  I were lots of oversized clothing anyways.  It was marked down to $8.99 in stores and with the coupon, ended up $6.83!

photo-90       photo-89

3) This sweater (couldn’t find it online) reminds me of Gryffindor because of the gold and deep red stripes!  The stripes look more red in person.  Once again, the fit is huge, but I can wear it with leggings and boots on lazy days 🙂  Also, it is 25% wool, so people with sensitive skin would probably have to wear a layer underneath.  As with the cardigan above, it ended up only $6.83!

There were also many other sweaters for under $5 like this wool striped cardigan and this V-neck sweater.  With the coupon added on, they would probably be less than $4, which is a steal for a wool boyfriend cardigan/sweater!

My mom got 2 items for my dad and a sweater dress for my sister, so our grand total came to $65.29 – $15 coupon – $50 gift card = $0.29!  I must have looked crazy as I skipped gleefully out of the store 🙂

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