How-to: Oversized Sweater

Hi guys!

As a follow-up of my haul yesterday, I’m going to show some ways you can wear an oversized sweater.  I am wearing the striped sweater I bought from the men’s section.

photo-107       photo-106

1) PacSun Jeans, Old Navy loafers
The “preppy” outfit.  By tucking in the front of the sweater, I made my legs look longer while maintaining a slouchy, comfy look.

photo-105       photo-104

2) Forever 21 boots
The “lazy day” outfit.  Since the sweater is long enough to cover my behind, I’m wearing it like a sweater dress.

photo-109       photo-108

3) Thrifted skirt and belt, Forever 21 boots
The “casual cute” outfit.  Folding up the sleeves (I folded them over about 5 times because they were so long) and tucking in the bottom creates a more dressed up look.  This wool mini skirt is perfect for the winter.

photo-99       photo-98

4) Love Culture jacket, Forever 21 boots
The “downtown” outfit.  This tweed jacket adds a pop of color and the cropped length makes me look taller.  Find a jacket with somewhat wider sleeves because the arms may be a tight fit with a chunky sweater underneath.

photo-110       photo-111

5) Forever 21 vest and boots
The “sweet girl” outfit.  The bright yellow contrasts nicely with the gold and maroon.  I also like the length of this vest, because it allows the sweater to just peek through at the bottom.

In addition to these base outfits, you can also add accessories!  Try adding a scarf or belt or even wear a collared shirt underneath!  I’m loving collars at the moment.  If you want the look without the bulk, you can wear a thin sleeveless collared top or a detachable collar.

photo-100       photo-97

H&M collared shirt and old scarf

An oversized sweater doesn’t have to look sloppy!  It’s all about how you wear it 🙂

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