Outfit + Pink Project: Origins and Symbolism

Hi guys!

To start off, the name “pink” actually comes from flowers called pinks from (technically Dianthus).  It also comes from the verb “to pink”, which means to decorate with small cuts or perforations (like the crimped edges of the flower).  It actually only came to represent a color around 1860!

pink 26       Pink 27

Pink is usually associated with girls, but in Japan, it symbolizes masculinity because of the blooming sakura (cherry blossoms) that represent fallen warriors/samurai.  Surprisingly enough, it was actually marketed for boys in the 1920s because it was considered a softer version of masculine red.  On the other hand, baby blue was marketed for girls because of its associations with calmness, peace, and the Virgin Mary.

Pink 28       Pink 29

Other associations with pink include: breast cancer, Jaipur City (tourist attraction in India known as The Pink City), happiness and joy, health (“in the pink” = healthy), childish innocence, love, friendship, homosexuality (pink triangle), calmness, Valentine’s Day, Easter, glamour, and cuteness.

To celebrate the many meanings of pink, I came up with three monochromatic outfits!  This is my first time trying out monochromatic outfits, because I thought they were too bold for everyday life, but I found out that mixing different shades can make them work well!  Each outfit represents a different connotation of pink 🙂


1) This is my “calmness” look.  The softer colors make it give off a feeling of peace and serenity.
2) This is my “happiness” and “childish innocence” look.  Don’t you feel happy just looking at it?  The bright,fruity shades of pink make this outfit reminiscent of young girls and joy.
3) This is my “glamour” look.  Deeper shades make this outfit bolder and appropriate for a city girl going out with friends.

Do you feel the symbolism radiating from my outfits 😉 ?  I think that color is extremely important in fashion.  For example, the first outfit would feel a lot different if the clothing were bright red!  Then it would associations with boldness, beauty, and love.
That’s all for today!  A hint for future Pink Project posts: the physical and psychological effects on people?  It’s used in prisons?  Pink personality? 😉

Until next time,


PS: here’s my stay-at-home lazy outfit of the day!  I’m wearing a SUPER warm hoodie from China.

photo-118       photo-117

The cool thing about it is that it has a zipper in the hood!  I don’t know if it’s supposed to do anything besides making the hood a bit bigger, but it looks really unique.  It has “Pretty Girl” printed on the front, so it’s a bit awkward to wear outside of home.  Anyhow, I love how soft and cozy it is!

photo-116       photo-115


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