Pink Project: A Preview

Hi guys!

For my english class, I need to do a major project called the I-Search paper.  Since I love the color pink, especially in clothing, I’m going to explore the various aspects of pink!  Pink has more meaning than you may think: there are reasons why it’s associated with baby girls and Valentine’s day.  It not only symbolizes many things, but can also be used to shape perception and feelings.  Color itself is very complex; it can change your mood, direct your attention, and give insight into your unconscious (theoretically).

As I complete this project, I will share some of my findings with you!  To experiment with pink myself, I will try using it in new ways in my own outfits.  I will also survey the people around me, asking what they associate with it.  Look out for future posts with cool info and cute outfits featuring this awesome color 🙂

And of course, I don’t want to end this post without any pictures 🙂  Here are some pink pictures I found on tumblr:

Pink 13Pink 14Pink 16

Pink 15PINK 1

Pink 25Pink 20Pink 24

Pink 19Pink 17

Pink 21Pink 14

Have you felt your mood change yet? 😉

Until next time



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