How-to: Dresses in the Winter

Hi guys!

The weather is warming up quickly, so while there’s still snow outside, I want to squeeze in one more cold weather how-to!  This one shows some outfits showing different ways to wear summer dresses all year long.  The Forever 21 dress that I’m working with is very summery and light-weight, with a small floral print:

photo-127       photo-126

Now on with the pairings!

photo-125       photo-124

1) Target cardigan, thrifted belt, Forever 21 scarf, Wetseal socks, Old Navy boots
The basic winterizing combo: a cardigan and a scarf.  I also added knee-high socks (these ones have cute black buttons on the sides) and a belt to shorten the dress.  A knee-length dress with knee-high boots would looked kind of weird, so I used the belt to hoist up the dress.
2) Loft cardigan, Forever 21 vest and scarf, Wetseal socks, Old Navy boots
My trusty yellow vest!  This vest literally seems to go with everything.

photo-123       photo-122

3) Forever 21 jacket, H&M scarf and boots
A more toned-down look.  The linen jacket is a little big, so I can hide more layers underneath.
4) JC Penney sweater, thrifted scarf, Forever 21 boots
You can wear a sweater on top of a dress to make it look like a skirt!  This sweater keeps my arms nice and warm and gives the dress a new look.

photo-121       photo-120

5) Thrifted shirt and scarf, Forever 21 cardigan and boots
Another way to fake a skirt is wearing a top and tucking it in with a belt.  First, I put on the top.  Then, I put on the belt.  Last, I tuck the shirt underneath itself, folding it inward and upward.  The belt holds it in place.
6) Target top, Forever 21 scarf and boots
In addition to wearing shirts on top of a dress, you can also wear one underneath.  Beware that this look may seem a bit more childish though.

photo-119       2yoon

7) Forever 21 jacket, H&M cardigan (under jacket) and boots, PacSun jeans, Kohls socks
This outfits was inspired by Ga-yoon from the kpop duo 2yoon!  She’s the one in the bright yellow sweater in the picture above.  Her stage outfit for 24/7 often includes a dress or skirt, jeans, and scrunched up socks, so I tried wearing jeans and scrunched up socks under my dress!  I hoisted it up really high to make it almost tunic-length.  Since my dress has an elasticized waist, I can shorten it up without a belt.  I just pull up the elasticized waist and fold the top of the dress over.

You can also play with different kinds of tights and leggings, like patterned ones, colored ones, etc.  There are many ways to incorporate summer pieces in cold-weather outfits!

Until next time,



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