Outfit + Skating Dresses

Hi guys!

Today my outfit features the red anorak I bought from Old Navy!  It’s a pretty simple look because I was busy studying this morning and quickly pulled it on before going to school.  Yay for last minute cramming for english and physics 😛

photo-133       photo-132


Old Navy anorak and boots, Forever 21 scarf, JC Penney top, PacSun jeans (I just realized how often I wear these…don’t worry I have multiple pairs so I don’t wear the same pair every day)

On another note, I have a skating competition tomorrow!  Since I don’t plan on competing in college, this may be my last competition ever T_T.  I have two dresses that I can wear, and maybe you can help me decide!  My song is pretty romantic: Chihiro’s Waltz from the movie Spirited Away.  Thanks to my friend Sandra for giving me the music!

photo-131       photo-130

1) This dress looks pretty plain because it isn’t bejeweled like almost all other skating dresses.  My mom and I always regretted not having it jeweled.  At skating competitions, you can actually watch people stick on the hundreds of sparkly rhinestones and they really do make a big difference.  My coach likes this one though, because of the color and the ruching.

photo-129       photo-128


2) I got this dress a loooooong time ago, so it’s almost old-fashioned?  The one above is more standard I guess.  This one has a pretty floral design with sequins and rhinestones and a cool high neckline.  I forgot to take a picture of it, but it also has rhinestones on criss-crossing straps in the back.  The only thing I’m not sure about with this dress is the color, because I usually like wearing brighter colors.  What do you think?

Until next time,




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