Outfit + TaoBao Inspiration

Hi guys!

TaoBao is like the Chinese Ebay, with tons of cute clothes for really low prices.  Last year, I made an order because my grandma was coming over from China and could bring my order with her (shipping can get pretty expensive).  The shirt I wore today is one of the pieces I bought.

photo-136       photo-137

TaoBao top, JC Penney jeans, Old Navy loafers

I put on my anorak and Urban Outfitters backpack for commute.  I got the backpack when they had a bag sale a while back + 10% off code for $18!  It’s pretty sturdy and roomy with lots of pockets.

photo-138       photo-139

Taobao is entirely Chinese, but you if you can’t read Chinese, you can use Taobao agents like TaoBaoSpree.  I can’t really read Chinese, so I just clicked on random links and looked at pictures until my mom came to help me 😛  The quality of the clothes can vary a lot.  For example, the shirt I wore today was pretty good quality with sturdy chiffon and thick lace whereas some of my other purchases were made of noticeably cheap material.  They still looked good though!  One thing to be careful about is sizing.  For each product, the seller gives specific measurements of the item, so make sure you check the measurements if you order!

I was browsing the same seller today and all the clothing is so incredibly cute!  They even had cute, inspiring pairings for each piece.  Here are some of my favorites, all between $5-13 (1USD = 6.22CNY).  As you can tell, I’m really into collars right now :).  Click on the image to get to the item page!

Taobao 8Taobao 12Taobao 3

Taobao 1Taobao 2Taobao 14

Taobao 13Taobao 11Taobao 7

Taobao 6Taobao 5Taobao 4

Taobao 9Taobao 10Taobao 15

To get to the seller’s store, click here.  There are tons of other stores too!  Taobao, like Ebay, also sells a huge variety of different products besides clothing.  The only issue is the language barrier, but it’s fun to click around regardless 🙂

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