Pink Project: Pink Energy and Effects

Hi guys!

Did you know that some prisons use pink to reduce violence and improve inmate behavior?  You can read about real-life examples here, here, here, and here.  This tactic actually worked really well and prison populations even went down (maybe also because criminals didn’t want to wear pink)!

Pink jail       pink-prison-uniforms

Pink has many effects on us both physically and psychologically.  Physically, bright pink acts similarly to red: it energizes and can increase heartbeat and blood pressure.  Psychologically though, pink has been proven to promote calmness and friendliness while diminishing aggression and anger.  Deep shades, such as magenta, work especially well.  It also increases satisfaction and happiness.  For these reasons, sports teams sometimes even paint the opponent team’s locker room pink!

Some interesting facts (all backed by scientific studies):

  • Male weightlifters tend to perform worse in pink rooms while female weightlifters do better!
  • Sweets from pink boxes and on pink plates taste better!
  • Pink stimulates a craving for sugar!

My room is pretty pink, as you saw from my previous post, “My Haven”.  Here are some more pictures showing my bed (yes, that is a giant pink paper flower on the corner) and my huge rug:

photo-135       photo-134

Maybe that’s why I always feel more peaceful and relaxed whenever I enter it?  I also noticed that many nurseries have pink walls and decorations. Would the color help “tranquilize” the kids in any way?  Color is very important in interior design, and changing the wall/accent colors can give the whole room a new feel.  I for one love my pink room and its calming effects 🙂

Until next time,



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