Haul: Chiffon, Lace, and Sequins

Hi guys!

I am failing so badly at my shopping ban.  Today my excuse was that I needed to get a new luggage set because my old one broke.  Plus, I’m going to need a set for when I go traveling this summer and for when I go to college.  Plus, my mom had a 30% off coupon for Kohl’s.  We get Kohl’s coupons every once in a while in the mail and they can randomly be 15%, 20%, or 30%.  I’m pretty happy with my new luggage set though!  It’s pretty distinct, so I will never lose it!  Here is what I got:

photo-147       photo-149

1) My 3 piece luggage set!  Early Bird special $99.99 + 30% off = $70.  There’s another smaller roller inside, a tote bag, and a bonus cosmetic bag (though I wouldn’t have any cosmetics to put inside it anyways :P).  The online link is here.  The quality isn’t great (I don’t think that tote bag will ever see the light of day…the other pieces are ok quality), but it’s so cute!  Especially in person, because the online picture on Kohls.com doesn’t do it justice.

2) Really cheap sensitive ear earrings because my ears have been acting up.  I also saw this super cute little silver plated skate necklace and bought it to give it to one of my coaches!  It will be a thank-you present for teaching me and writing a recommendation for me :).  BTW, I GOT 1st YESTERDAY!  Clean program :D.


Here’s all my clothing and my mom’s clothing.  She got a mustard sequin sparkly infinity scarf, a light blue tweed jacket, and a peach beaded skirt (top row).  I got a collared lace top, a collared floral top, and a cold-shoulder sequin top (bottom row).

photo-140       photo-141

3) I love this top so much!  It has all my favorite things: a cute peter pan collar, polka dots, and lace.  $7.20 + 30% off = $5.04!  I can imagine wearing this with jeans or tucked into a skirt.

photo-142       photo-143

4) Another collared top!  The online link is here.  I love the flowy chiffon and colorful floral print and it’s a pretty good price (same as above)!  This shirt would look good with my purple skirt or white jeans.

photo-144       photo-145

5) My first cold-shoulder top!  Recently, I’ve been craving sequins, so this top is perfect!  It’s quite big on me (you can tell how long it is in the second picture), but I like how airy it is.  $4.80 + 30% off = $3.36! 😀  I can wear this with leggings or jeans.

For reference, my mom’s tweed jacket was ~$15, the scarf was ~$3.5, and the skirt was ~$10 with the coupon.  Since we also got my sister a swimsuit, watch, and running shoes, we spent about $150 today.  Kohl’s gives you $10 for every $50 spent, so we got $30!  My mom is planning on going back next week when it’s activated to get another little roller to replace the one that broke.  There’s a really nice quality one on sale for $70, so with the coupon and Kohl’s cash, it will only be $19!

Right now, Kohl’s has lots of really cute fashion watches and watch sets on sale!  If I was more of a jewelry person, I would definitely have purchased one!  I can’t say much about the quality though.  I bought a Kohl’s bangle watch last year and though it looked good, one of the “ivory” pieces fell off after a couple months.

Until next time,



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