Cocoppa + Pink Project: Color and Personality

Hi guys!

Opposite DayA little story: last summer, I spent 8 weeks in California and had only the clothes I packed into my suitcase.  Coincidentally, much of the clothes I brought were pink.  My friends noticed this and the fact that I wore bright colors practically every day (I tend to wear happy colors a lot, especially in the summer) and therefore challenged me to wear all black for a day.  Now, I’m ok with black bottoms.  Black on top is kind of pushing it.  Black all over is totally out of my comfort zone.  I did carry through with the challenge, but felt weird, conspicuous, and not as happy as usual.  There is a reason I usually wear “happy” colors (though I’m trying to stretch my comfort zone to include more dark colors as well): color does in fact have psychological effects and can even predict your psychology.

According to color psychologists(sources here and here), having pink as your favorite color means that you have some of the following characteristics:

  • friendly and agreeable <– hopefully this is true with me
  • warm, sensitive, loving, and comforting <– I try 😉
  • nurturing and motherly <– closer to the opposite of me
  • feminine and romantic <–quite true
  • organized and methodical <–very true
  • naive, sweet, and optimistic <– pretty accurate except maybe the last one
  • reserved and passive, sometimes appearing shy <–very true
  • youthful appearance <–totally agree (believe it or not, I am a legal adult)

Greatest needs:

  • be accepted and unconditionally loved, peace <– first one is true, not so much second one

Different shades also hint different personalities (sources here):

  • rose pink indicates maturity  and femininity
  • blush pink indicates weakness <–WHAT!?  I’m WEAK? 😛
  • fuchsia indicates determination and confidence
  • hot pink indicates optimism and lust for life

I guess I pretty much match the description!  Besides the “nurturing and motherly” part, because though I love kids, I’m pretty clumsy and bad at taking care of things (plants, pets, people, etc).  I’m trying to improve though!  What is your favorite color?  Do you match the supposed color personality?

BTW: I’m currently loving the iPhone app “Cocoppa”!  Here is what my screen looks like:

Screen 2       Screen

SO CUTE!  Cocoppa allows you to create super cute shortcuts to all your apps (except the permanent ones that come with the phone) and use a variety of wallpapers.  Just make sure you don’t delete the original app!  As you can see, the lock screen wallpaper is a bit off center because it was meant for iPhone 4.  Users are constantly creating more iPhone 5 wallpapers though 🙂

Until next time,



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