iPhone Case Review + Ideas

Hi guys!

If you looked closely at my pictures, you would have noticed that I have a super adorable sheep iPhone case!  It’s sold out online, but there are lots of other really cute ones on Amazon.  I found them first on Etsy for ~$15-20 each, but then found many of the same ones on Amazon for less than a quarter of the price!  Most of them are only $2-6 (shipping included).  Here is a review of mine:

SheepThe online link is here.  Even though I got it really cheap, it’s actually very nice quality!  The “bling” rhinestones didn’t fall off for months (2 feel off a couple days ago and I got this in Dec.) and they gave me a small packet of extra rhinestones of different sizes to replace ones that fell off.  They also gave me glue to stick on extra rhinestones, screen protectors, a screen wiper, and a small bag to put everything in!  If you search “iPhone case sheep”, you should be able to find some.  I couldn’t find my exact model though, because mine has small clusters of crystals while the others on Amazon only have scattered single crystals.  I like that the sheep isn’t that puffy because it makes the case more practical.  I can’t understand how people deal with those huge chunky cases (i.e. the bunny ear ones) because they don’t even fit into pockets.  The sheep is still 3D, but pretty flat.

Here are some other cute ones (click on the image to get to the page):

Pink LaceBowBallerina


Pink lace: $3.10, bow: $2.88, ballerina: $6.00, peacock: $2.30, owl: $2.51, LV: $5.89

I’ve also been looking at some really cute wallet cases!  They are a bit more expensive, but have some pros over hard cases:

  • Less likely to break – hard cases can crack
  • More protective of both sides of the phone – no more cracked screen!
  • Convenient – can put cards, money, etc, in it too; easier to find in bag

Here are some cute wallet cases with really good reviews (4-5 stars):

Wallet IPhone 2Blue Wallet IPhoneWallet

Striped: $9.29, floral: $7.95, pink: $10.00

Do you have experience with wallet cases?  If so, please share!

Until next time,



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