Pandora For Less

Hi guys!

During winter break, I went on a cruise and they had a massive sale on Bella Perlina bracelets!  I bought two bracelets for $20-$30 each (I forgot the exact amount), which was a pretty big splurge for me, but they were originally $95 and $115.  They are quite similar to the popular Pandora bracelets, but were a tiny fraction of the price.  You can find many sellers that sell the brand on on Ebay (it seems that their own website is “coming soon”).  I’d wanted a Pandora bracelet for a long time, but the incredibly high price for a mere charm prevented me from buying one.  So, I’m glad I got these cute alternatives 🙂


This is the more expensive bracelet because it has more charms.  There are 13 charms, 2 movable stoppers, and 2 removable ends.   The bracelet is designed so that you can adjust the number/order of charms by unscrewing an end, unscrewing the stopper, and removing or rearranging the charms.  You can sort of see the ridged bracelet “chain” in the photos.  I could not capture just how pretty and sparkly this is in pictures; in real life, it glitters even more (especially the middle charm) and matches with almost everything.  The only issue I’ve had is that the stoppers often don’t stay completely still and need readjusting every couple days or so.


Though this one has fewer charms, I love the ones that it does have!  The flower one in the middle is especially pretty.  Once again, the stoppers sometimes loosen, but they can be readjusted easily.

The charms are in general bigger than Pandora ones, but less intricate and varied.  I haven’t tested this out myself, but apparently the charms on these bracelets fit Pandora bracelets and Pandora chairs are compatible with these bracelets as well, so you can mix and match from both brands.  I like their quality because they are heavy and sturdy.  The charms sparkle in the light and I have yet to see any discoloration.  Considering the fact that both bracelets together are cheaper than most Pandora single charms, I say it’s a good buy!  Here’s a top-notch Pandora bracelet for comparison:


As you can see, the Pandora charms are smaller and more delicate.  There are more sterling silver ones while Bella Perlina features more glass, crystal, and pearl ones.  I like my sparkle though!  Even though I usually think that more dainty pieces look better on my wrist because it’s quite small.  Too bad these bracelets aren’t as commonly distributed (apparently, they come from Europe).  Like with Pandora, you can buy separate charms as well (found on Ebay), but they can get pretty expensive.  Overall, I think that these are a great alternative for those who want Pandora-esque customizable bracelets on a lower budget!

Until next time,



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