Sparkly Nails + Outfit: Cozy Floral

Hi guys!

I haven’t done my nails in ages, so I decided to pretty them up!  I’m going to a super sophisticated conference over the weekend though, so I’ll only have sparkly nails for a couple days.  Oh well, I can do them again when I get back!  I want to try out this simple tutorial by the stylish Jen from in jen’s life.


Kohl’s shirt, Forever 21 skirt and boots, Loft cardigan, Old Navy boots, thrifted belt

I had to stealthily snap this picture today at school because I didn’t want to wear my muddy boots in my room!  It’s been really rainy these past few days.  I really like this skirt, but it has actual snap buttons down the middle.  That means that if for some reason I suddenly spread my legs really wide, they’ll just all unsnap!  Let’s not think about what would happen then 😛  My tights are actually textured gray, even though they look black in the pictures.  I got them at GAP in the summer for $0.98!  I got 3 different pairs from the outlet.

Sorry the picture of my nails is kind of weird and yellow.  As you can see, I am no pro at nails.  I know I have some polish on my cuticles.  I know I’m not holding anything (why do all nail polish people hold stuff in their hands in pictures?).  I know the pictures aren’t super clear.  I’m trying to improve though!  I used Spoiled nail polish in Jewelry Heist and Fresh Paint nail polish in Delicious (it’s a lot more red in person).

Until next time,



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