DIY: 7 Easy Ways to Embellish a Basic Tee

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Basic 3Basic 1Basic 2

Though spring break is still 2 weeks away for me, I know that it’s only one week away for many people.  If you love crafting like me, here are some fun ideas to try out in your free time!  You can use old shirts or buy some new ones.  Try looking in your local thrift store for some super cheap tees to experiment with!  I’ve given examples of tees that you can easily recreate at home, even though some of them cost over $100!  Clock on the picture the source/store.

Pocket 1Pocket 2

1) Add a pocket
Adding a pocket is simple and cute!  Try being creative with contrasting colors, lace, or even faux leather.  Click here for an easy tutorial.

Collar 1Collar 2

2) Add a collar
Making a collar is very easy and immediately gives any tee a “sweet girl” look.  You can also jazz up your collar with studs, sequins, or pearls.  Craft stores often sell strings of sequins that you can just sew or glue on.  Click here for a gallery of 10 different collar DIY tutorials.

Stud 2Stud 3Stud 1

3) Add studs
You can buy bulk studs from many different websites for just a few dollars.  Try Amazon or  As shown above, you can arrange them in a design, stud around the shoulders, or go around the hems.  Since studs often have prongs, all you would need is a pair of pliers or tweezers.

Graphic 1       Graphic 2

4) Add 3D embellishments
If you have simple graphic tees, add 3D accents like ribbons, velvet patches, jewelry, etc. with some fabric glue.  The tee on the left actually has a necklace attached where the necklace is drawn and the tee on the right actually has a bow where the bow is drawn!  Transform some 2D pictures to 3D designs!

Fabric 1       Fabric 2

5) Add simple fabric accents
There are many different kinds of fabric accents that you can add to a tee: ruffles, rosettes, petals, etc.  These are on the more difficult side because unlike the rest of the suggestions, which can be done with just fabric glue, these actually require some sewing.  Click here and here for some easy tutorials.

Applique 1       Applique 2

6) Add appliqué
You can decorate a tee with just some scrap fabric, fabric fuse (i.e. Steam-a-Seam, Heat n’ Bond, Peel n’ Stick), and scissors.  Click here for a step-by-step tutorial.

Bow 1       Bow 2

7) Add a bow
I love bows, especially ones made of cool fabrics like chiffon and lace or floral prints.  The tees above are easily replicable with just a couple stitches.  You can make one big bow or arrange multiple smaller bows along one side or the neckline.

Hopefully this gave you some inspiration!  Have fun crafting 🙂

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