Outfit: Pastel Rainbow + Prom Dress Tip

Hi guys!

My outfit today consists mostly of basics: chunky sweater, skinny jeans, and ankle boots.  However, I added interest by wearing my sequin boots and textured jeans!  Then, I topped it off with one of my favorite accessories at the moment: my pastel rainbow scarf!

photo-168       photo-169

Forever 21 sweater, scarf, and boots, JC Penney jeans

photo-171       photo-170

It’s a bit hard to incorporate rainbow pieces in an outfit because they’re so colorful, but I find that they pair very nicely with solid sweaters/jackets and more neutral bottoms.  I’m still bundling up in scarves and sweaters because it’s pretty cold outside — Wed. is supposed to have a high of 31 degrees!  That’s crazy for the end of March.

Also: Remember that Windsorstore peacock dress I mentioned a while ago?  I found it on Amazon for $60 cheaper and in 11 different colors!  There are also lots of other dresses on Amazon that may also be on stores like Windsorstore.  Watch out for overpricing!  The blue one on the left is from Windsorstore ($180) and the pink on the right is from Amazon ($120).  Click on the links to get to the website!  I’m probably not going to get this dress, but wanted to let you know that not all websites are the same!

Prom Dress 3       Peacock

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