The Fashion Tag!

Hi guys!

This past weekend I’ve been pretty busy because of DECA!  It’s a competitive business organization.  I’m proud to say that I made it to Internationals and will be going to Anaheim, CA (DISNEYLAND!!!) this spring!  Here are some pictures:

photo-165       photo-166

1) MY ELEPHANT SOUVENIR!!! My sister loves elephants so this is for her as well 🙂  The big blue ears and huge blue eyes are so cute!
2) Glow sticks for the Sat. night entertainment/candidate speeches!

There’s a lot more pictures, but I don’t want to show people’s faces without asking them so just trust me that it was really fun 😀

To celebrate the one month anniversary of my blog, I’m doing the fashion tag!  I wasn’t tagged by anyone but thought it would be fun 🙂  Plus you can learn more about me!  Without further ado…

1)How would you describe your style?
I’m pretty eclectic but like feminine clothing the most (i.e. lace, collars, floral print, polka dots, etc.).  In the winter, I often wear oversized, cozy layers while in the summer I wear lots of light, floaty chiffon layers.  Picture from here.

Girly Fashion

2)What are you wardrobe staples?
Skinny jeans, cardigans, chiffon blouses, and bow heels (I usually wear shoes with about a 2 inch heel to stay comfy but boost my height a bit).

3)Most expensive item in your closet?
Most of the items in my closet are very inexpensive, even the dresses and jackets.  My most expensive piece would probably be the wool cape that I bought from Marshall’s with a gift card (~$25).  If this includes shoes, though, It would be my brown Amazon boots (~$40).

Outfit 39       photo-88

4)Most wanted item?
I have way too many items on my wishlist:

  • Crochet shorts
  • Heart sweater
  • Blouses with collars – crochet, metal-tipped, lace, studded, pearl
  • Yellow belted hooded raincoat (I saw a girl wearing one in a perfume ad and wanted one ever since)
  • Cargo jacket
  • Floral jeans
  • Mustard grandpa cardigan
  • Whimsical-print dress
  • Colored capris
  • Mustard pants
  • White sweater
  • Tailored coat
  • Knitted grey open vest
  • Studded shorts
  • Studded sweater
  • White blazer

5)Favorite designer?
Elie Saab dresses are amazing!  This is from spring/summer 2010, so it was quite a while ago, but I love every single dress.

Elie Saab

6)How much do you spend on clothes?
I used to have a strict $100 monthly budget and recorded everything I bough, but never actually reached my budget and actually spent ~$70-80 per month.  Now, since I don’t go shopping as regularly as before, I probably spend about $50 a month.

7)What are your favorite places to shop?
I love Forever 21 (everything), H&M (more professional/dressy wear), JC Penney (basics), GAP, GAP kids (pants/shorts only), Love Culture (trendy pieces), Target (shoes and accessories), Kohl’s (COUPONS!), thrift stores (lots of hidden treasures), PacSun (jeans) and lots more.  I am have no bias or brand loyalty when it comes to stores.

Forever 21H&MJCPLove Culture

8)Favorite fragrance?
I don’t have any.  I love the fragrance of coffee shops though 😉

9)Whats your favorite way to do your hair?
Straight with side bangs.  You see me with my bangs pulled up a lot because they’re getting too long.  I’m planning on trimming it and dying it soon (maybe reddish?).  I actually cut my hair really short once in 10th grade and it was HORRIBLE!  I’m so glad my hair grew back quickly.

Short Hair

10)What is your go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?
Skinny jeans + comfy sweater in the winter or casual dress in the summer.

11)One fashion trend you wish would come back or stay
I love oversized clothing!  It works out perfectly because most clothing fit big on me anyways 😛  Oversized sweaters, billowy blouses, and cozy cardigans are the best 🙂

12)Show us your most prized possession in your wardrobe.
This is a difficult one.  Everything is so precious to me!  This dress is one of my favorites though.  It’s my lucky piano competition dress 😀

OK that’s all!  Anyone who reads this can do the tag 🙂  Thanks for taking the time to learn about me!

Until next time,



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