Outfit + Heart Nails!

Hi guys!

Capes always make me feel more dressed up :).  This is my belted grey epaulet cape!  I love the hidden belt, flowy arms, and shoulder details.

photo-175       photo-174

Marshall’s cape, JC Penney jeans, Old Navy loafers

Even though I have an endless to-do list, I (as always) got distracted and began doing my nails :P.  This time I had the cool idea of making designs with tape!  Here are the results (please click on the image to see the close up…I still don’t know how to make the image bigger in the actual post :/):

Image-5First, I put on two coats of Spoiled in “Daddy’s Credit Card”.  Then, I cut a heart out of a piece of tape (tip: fold the tape in half with the non-sticky sides touching, then cut out half a heart along the fold) and placed in on my nail.  Next, I painted over the tape with Wet n’ Wild in “Candy-licious/Rose bonbon” and carefully removed the tape to leave a pink heart.  I reused the same piece of tape for all of my nails.  Finally, I brushed on a layer of Sinful Colors in “Frenzy” because I always need some sparkle!

Until next time,



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