Outfit + Dollar Store Nail Polish

Hi guys!

Here’s a super lazy outfit for the last week of school before spring break.  I wore my polka dot pants again!  I find that with these pants, I usually wear grey or white tops.  Maybe next time I can try pairing bold polka dots with bold tops!

photo-191       photo-190

Loft pants, dad’s sweater, Forever 21 scarf, Old Navy loafers

Regarding the nail polish I bought at the dollar store, they are from the brand I.C.E. (no, not Pure Ice) and look very much like OPI nail polish:


Too much of a coincidence?  I’m not sure if they’re meant to be an OPI dupe.  There were also lots of LA Colors nail polish, but I wanted to try this new brand.  Here is what “Pastel Cocoa” looks like after 1 thin coat.


The color is pretty good, but IT SMELLS SO BAD!  When I opened the first bottle, I could immediately smell the horribly strong nail polish smell.  I never tried nail polish THAT smelly before.  After the smell goes away, it’s ok though.  I’m not sure if there are any bad chemicals in there.

Overall, it’s pretty good for $1 nail polish.  The other colors have good saturation too, but also have the same strong chemical smell 😦

Until next time,


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