Outfit: Forest Green + Black Stripes

Hi guys!

Wow…I haven’t posted all weekend!  That’s a long time for me!  It’s because I was busy with different competitions all weekend.  I had a piano competition today (I kind of failed…oh well I have another 2 in April to redeem myself) and wore this dress:

photo-186       photo-187

My piano teacher said that it didn’t have to be too formal, so I just wore a cute chiffon collar dress from Love Culture.  I love the color blocking details!  I wore this with black bow heels.

photo-188       photo-189

Forever 21 vest and scarf, Target top, PacSun jeans

Afterwards, I put on some warmer clothes to eat out with my family for my mom’s birthday.  We went to a really good chinese restaurant!  I felt too awkward to take photos, though, because there were people all around us 😛  I’ve been eating so unhealthily these days…cupcake on Fri., cake yesterday, chinese restaurant today, and my mom just bought another cake from Costco!

After eating, I dropped by a huge dollar store and bought a pack of 160 pieces of lead (8 containers of 20 each) for only $1!!!  That’s crazy cheap for lead.  I also got 3 bottles of nail polish, which I will probably review soon!

Until next time,


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