Outfit: Butterflies

Hi guys!

I bought this dress a couple years ago, but the chest part always hangs too low.  So, I usually layer sweaters or shirts on top!  This makes it look like a skirt instead of a dress 🙂

photo-200       photo-199

H&M dress and sweater, thrifted belt, old shoes


These bow heels are so old that they are among the handful of items in my closet that I do not know the origins of.  As you can see, the heels are incredibly scuffed up, but even though I have other newer bow heels, I still wear them a lot 🙂  They’re just so comfy and cute!

In the close-up, you can see the pretty vintage-like butterfly print of the dress and beaded neckline of the sweater.  Since the dress has hints of yellow and grey, I wore a yellowish belt and a grey sweater with it.  I get lots of my belts from thrift stores because they have really nice quality belts for super cheap!  Plus, thrift store belts tend to be smaller because older clothing in general seem to be smaller.

On another note, IT’S FINALLY SPRING BREAK!!!  I still have a math test tonight at college, but I’m so excited to finally take a break from high school.  I’m also aching do some shopping 😀

Until next time,


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