Mini-haul + My Prom Dress (Help Me Out!)

Hi guys!

Today I rewarded myself for getting into one of my dream colleges (this little girl from the Midwest is going to the East Coast!) by doing some shopping! I went to lots of stores, but only ended up picking up a few items from Love Culture.  They were having a buy-one-get-one-free deal on sale items, so I spent less than $20!

photo-202 copy copyImage-8

I bought a pair of tassel flats (11.99) + 3/4 sleeve collared shirt (free) and a pair of buckle flip-flops (6.99) + an ADORABLE owl clock necklace (free).  The flats and flip-flops look really red, but they’re actually a cute orange/coral color.  The necklace is amazing!  You push up the owl’s little ears to reveal the working watch :).

And…I GOT MY PROM DRESS!  I went to Windsor and saw this dress and it looks SO MUCH more amazing in person:

PROM DRESS!       Prom Dress Back

You can find it here.  The fabric actually has lots of sparkles all over!  Also, since I’m so short, the back end of the dress almost touches the floor when I’m wearing 5″ heels.  The top part is dangerously loose though, so when I was trying it on, I kept having to hold it up to avoid exposing … you know.  My mom said that she can slim it a bit though 🙂  I will post a picture of me in it after I decide what shoes and jewelry to wear.  Help me decide (click on the picture for the source)!

Option 1: Pink + Blue

Blue HeelsBlue Necklace

At the front of the store, the dress was on display with this light blue necklace and it contrasted really nicely.  My mom also loves the pink + blue color combination, especially with light pastels.

Option 2: Pink + Silver Glitter

Glitter HeelsSilver Necklace

I tried on the dress in stores with these glitter pumps and kept falling because I can’t walk in 5″ heels.  I’m going to practice though!  I feel like the glitter heels and silver necklace would “glam up” this sweet girl dress.

Option 3: Pink + Pearls

Blush HeelsPearl Necklace

My most prized piece of jewelry is my multi-stranded pearl necklace from my relatives in China.  I thought white heels would clash with the cream pearls, so blush colored heels matching the dress would work better.  This is the ultimate “sweet girl” look 🙂

If you have time, please comment with your favorite shoes and necklace combination!

Until next time,


7 thoughts on “Mini-haul + My Prom Dress (Help Me Out!)

  1. I like the pink/silver combo 🙂 It ties in the silver of the bow nicely. Congrats on Yale & finding your prom dress :D!

  2. Hey! Awesome deals girl!
    I am so excited for you about prom! I went to my version of a prom last year and it was so much fun!
    I am absolutely in love with your dress, it’s adorable!
    I think my favourite is the pink and silver and I really hope you choose it because the rule I went with last year was ‘would i cringe when i looked back 10 years later?’ and I feel like even though the blue is super cute as is the bubble necklace and pink and pearls, the silver pops would be the classic and prettiest!
    But it’s your night, so it’s all up to you 🙂
    xx Karen
    ps: I’m going to do a prom series in April and I was just wondering when your prom is?

    • Hi Karen! That’s a good tip, thinking about 10 years later 🙂
      My prom is near the end of May, so if you do the series in April, you would give readers plenty of time to use your advice.

  3. Hi Doll, thanks for stopping b, from one Midwest girl to another. Congrats on your college acceptance. My two cents on the accessories, would be to find a shoe that straps securely on your feet, esp if you’re not totally used to walking in heels. (In whichever color) I love the bubble necklace, but the pearls, like others have said, are more timeless. Would you be worried about partying too hard and ruining the pearls though? This reply is a post in itself, LOL, just a few thoughts.
    If you do go with the bubble, check my posts for a link to a seller (from China, of course) who has really nice ones, really inexpensive! Good luck with prom!

    • Hi Elise! Yes, I will definitely find shoes with straps and will practice walking with high heels because I’m not very good at it right now 🙂 I’m not a very “hard” party-er (probably mostly talking and watching others dance haha) so I don’t think I need to worry about ruining the pearls. If I do use them, I would use the one gifted to me by my family, but thanks for the reference anyways! Thanks for the advice 😀

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