Outfit + Apple Cake

Hi guys!
I wore a pretty casual outfit today: grey jeans and plaid.

photo-214       photo-213

Macy’s plaid shirt, JC Penney jeans

I got this shirt a long time ago (maybe 4 years?  That’s a long time for a teen) but it’s still a favorite of mine.  I like that it’s not a plain plaid shirt: it has cute ruching details along the sleeves and along the body.  That makes it slightly more feminine, even though it has a pretty manly print 😛

I also made apple cake today!  It was for my friend’s 18th birthday.  I’m pretty proud of myself because it was super yummy!  Here are some pictures:


It doesn’t look very much like a cake and didn’t taste like one either, but everyone still loved it!  In the close-up, you can even see the soft apple chunks.  You can’t see it that clearly, but I also put a sweet glaze/sauce on top.

You can find the recipe here: Grandgirl’s Fresh Apple Cake from Georgia

I didn’t have coconut, so I omitted it.  I subbed in chopped up almonds for pecans and buttermilk mix for real buttermilk.  As the reviews say, it’s a very forgiving recipe for any substitutions or omissions 🙂

I halved the recipe and ended up having a lot of extra sauce.  So, I gave some to my sister to use as caramel sauce for apple slices and put the rest in a container for future use (pancakes, toast, etc.).


On another note, yesterday I took out the box of strawberries for a snack and realized that they were HUGE!  I can barely fit 3 of them in my hand, and my hands are pretty big for my height!  My family usually doesn’t buy organic, so their size is probably from herbicide/chemical overdose.  They were still yummy though 🙂

Until next time,



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