Outfit: Peaches and Cream

Hi guys!

I wore a lot of layers today: cami + shirt + cardigan + jacket!

photo-218       photo-219

Papaya collared shirt, Aeropostale cardigan, Old Navy jacket, PacSun jeans

Sorry for the lack of shoes lately.  For this outfit, I put on my favorite Old Navy loafers (they’re just so comfy and convenient to slip on).  I promise to stop being lazy and include shoes in my pictures again before spring break ends!  This is one of my favorite shirts because it has a long, pretty hemline.  I tucked it in for this outfit because it looked awkward hanging out under my cardigan, but I’ll show it in a future outfit.  It also has buttons along the back to pin back excess material around the waist!  So cute.  You will definitely see this shirt again when the weather warms up.

Also, I was browsing Von Maur today (it’s a big store in the mall here.  I think it’s the same company as Dry Goods?) and saw lots of pretty prom dresses!  I even saw the “champagne” version of my prom dress on sale for only $59!

photo-220       photo-221

Too bad sizes were limited.  Anyways, I like my pink color better because it doesn’t blend into my skin 😛  Regardless, this serves as a lesson to look for a dress at a variety of different stores because it may be cheaper at some retailers than others!

Until next time,



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