Outfit + Cute Online Shops

Hi guys!

Super casual outfit today featuring my new sparkly jeans from JC Penney!

photo-222       photo-223

JC Penney jeans, Forever 21 top and scarf

As you probably noticed from my new background, I am pretty obsessed with mint right now.  In fact, I just bought a lovely little swiss dot dress the other day that I’m really excited to wear when the weather warms up!  These jeans are a pale mint color with a cute sparkly grid design 🙂

Today I’m just going to list some cute online shops that I like to browse every so often.  I don’t actually buy much online, but I do like to window shop a bit too much.  Anyways, if you have a few minutes to spare, check these out!  They are in no particular order.

1) Shopsosie

Shopsosie 1       Shopsosie 2

The clothes here are SO DARN CUTE.  The bows!  The chiffon!  The lace!  And the prices aren’t over the top either!

2) Tobi

Tobi 2       Tobi 1

Cute clothes at affordable prices!  I’ve never bought stuff from here, but there seems to be lots of good feedback.

3) Shopruche

Shopruche 1       Shopruche 2

A country chic store.  The website gives me a feeling of sweetness and nature with its soft colors and delicate fabrics.

4) Mexyshop

Mexy 1       Mexy 2

This store sells asian style clothing at low prices.  They provide lots of pictures for each piece of clothing as well as good pairings!

5) Modcloth

Modcloth 1       Modcloth 2

I’ve mentioned Modcloth on this blog before.  It’s just such a cute store and each article of clothing has its own unique, quirky name 🙂

6) Lulu’s

Lulus 2       Lulus 1

Lulu’s has an impressive collection of shoes and lots of cute clothing as well.  I first heard of this store in Seventeen magazine.

7) Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins 1       Dorothy Perkins 2

Even though it’s a UK store, it offers free US shipping for purchases over $75!  There is an incredible selection of clothing, accessories, and shoes and even has a petite section!

Other cute online shops include Asos (that store has SO MUCH STUFF), Charlotte Russe, Lipsy (UK), Papaya, Tofebruary (for all those kpop/kdrama fans) etc.  Have fun browsing!

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Outfit + Cute Online Shops

  1. Cute ootd. I haven’t heard about a lot of those stores before so I’m interested to check them out.
    Do they have worldwide free shipping ? xx Karen of stylecrumb

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