Outfit: Scalloped Stripes + Strawberry Milk

Hi guys!

This outfit looked a bit off at first, so I added a belt and it instantly looked better 🙂

photo-224       photo-225

JC Penney jeans and sweater, thrifted belt

I CUT MY BANGS!  I was annoyed with my super long bangs, so I chopped them off last night.  Then, I snipped upward/slanted to make it more natural looking.  Now my bangs can be blunt bangs or side bangs depending on my mood 🙂

I bought this sweater at JC Penney a few months ago for only like $2!  I love the scalloped hemline and open nit design.  I went to JC Penney a couple times this spring break but didn’t buy much because the clearance section for “small” size clothing was so sparse.  It seems to me like there are always racks and racks full of L and XL clothing in the clearance section but a significantly smaller amount of S clothing :(.  Does anyone else notice this?  Maybe it’s just the “grass is always greener on the other side” phenomenon, but I see this in almost every store I shop at.

On a happier note, my mom got strawberry milk!  I actually really dislike milk and dairy products in general (my parents say that’s why I’m so short…) but this tastes so sweet and yummy!


Let’s just take a moment to honor this wonderful fruit that makes everything taste better 🙂

Strawberry 5       Strawberry 1

Strawberry 3       Strawberry 2

Strawberry 6       Strawberry 4

I hope you’re drooling now, because I am!

Until next time,



5 thoughts on “Outfit: Scalloped Stripes + Strawberry Milk

  1. I really love this outfit! the colour combination is really nice, so beautiful, delicous strawberries!
    could you checkout my fashion blog sketches and about me page please? remember to leave a comment, thanks 😀

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