Outfit: Pink and Polka Dots + Hair

Hi guys!

Polka dots!  Polka dots!  I love polka dots!

photo-227       photo-228

Forever 21 shirt and bow necklace, GAP jeans, Old Navy loafers

I know I wore this outfit before in a how-to post (click here) but since it’s my first day back at school, cut me some slack 😛 I slung my cross charm (from a different necklace) onto this cute bow one because my other necklace was really rusty and my mom said it’s bad for my skin.  I was thinking the other day and realized that the sweetest going-away-to-college gift from my family would be a necklace from each member!  Then I can take the charms from each necklace and string them together so that I can always remember everyone in my family when I wear my “family” necklace 🙂

You can see my self-cut blunt bangs here!  Everyone says I look younger, which may not be such a good thing at my age, but I can always split it to the side if I feel like it.

Another hobby of mine that I haven’t shared here yet is playing with hair.  I went through a HUGE hair phase a couple years ago when I watched countless how-to videos on youtube and read countless blogs on hairstyles.  Whenever I saw smooth hair, I actually felt an itching urge to braid it or twist it into a bun or try other cool things with it!  Yesterday, I did my sister’s hair while she was distracted with lego.  First, I dutch braided her bangs (she cut her own bangs a couple weeks ago because she was dared by a boy…since she’s only 6, it did not turn out very well).  Then, I dutch braided around her head from one side to the other and tied into a side ponytail.  Last, I weaved her bangs braid into the bigger braid to hide the ends.  This is how it turned out:


I have lots of cute hair ideas that I’ve collected over the years!  When I went to China a couple years back, they actually had hair salons that have lots of people doing different braided/twisted/creative temporary hairstyles.  After I got my hair done, I figured out how to do it and learned a really cool braided ponytail!  I might share it later 🙂

Until next time,


6 thoughts on “Outfit: Pink and Polka Dots + Hair

  1. I really love this outfit! the colour combination is really nice, so beautiful, great work 🙂
    could you checkout my fashion blog sketches and about me page please? remember to leave a comment, thanks 😀

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