Outfit: Tomato Red + How to Wear a Blazer

Hi guys!

Today’s outfit features one of my favorite H&M blazers 🙂

photo-233       photo-234

H&M blazer, Forever 21 tee and boots, PacSun jeans

Blazers usually fit large at the shoulder for me, but H&M blazers fit perfectly!  I got this one on sale for $15 on Black Friday last year.  It’s such a vibrant red color!  Usually, blazers are a bit too dressed-up for school (especially high school), but there are many ways you can dress it down to make it more suitable for casual wear.  Here are some tips!

1) Wear a graphic tee

As in my outfit today, graphic tees can help make fancy clothes more casual.  I also wear graphic tees or plain tees with fancy skirts if I want to look casual at school.

Tee 2Tee 3Tee 4

2) Wear cuffed bottoms or boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans instantly makes any outfit more laid-back.  Since blazers are usually more tailored, though, be careful not to wear jeans that have too much of a relaxed fit because it would look unbalanced with the streamlined upper half.

Boyfriend Jeans 2Boyfriend jeansBlazer 2

3) Wear a casual scarf

I wore this blazer once with my grey wool mini skirt, boots, and a fluffy grey scarf and it looked really cute!  There are many ways to tie scarves, just search it up on youtube!

Scarf 2Scarf 4Scarf 1

When buying blazers, always make sure that the shoulders fit comfortably!  Try raising your arms and moving them around to see if they fit correctly.  For more petite like me, choose blazers with minimal padding and closer fit (boyfriend blazers look so awkward on me and make my legs look shorter).  On the other hand, those with pear shapes can wear bolder shoulders to balance out their bottoms.  Blazers in colors like soft pink, brown, and grey are easiest to incorporate into casual outfits.  I hope you found these tips helpful!

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “Outfit: Tomato Red + How to Wear a Blazer

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