Pink Nails + Shopping Tips Pt. 2!

Hi guys!

Yesterday was the first non-post day in a while!  Unfortunately, I will probably be MIA for the next couple days as well because I will be traveling Mon. morning to Wed. night.  Then, I will be traveling again from next Mon. to Sun. night!  I’m so excited for all the fun events I’m going to attend, but am kind of dreading all the make-up work I will have for school.  Plus AP tests are coming up and I have 6 this year!  Senior year’s going to be gone in a flash.

Anyways, I finally redid my nails!  I used my ABSOLUTE favorite color of all time: magenta (I know, not very creative) by Forever 21.


I bought this one years ago, so they don’t have it anymore (now they have more creative names), but here are some cute picks!  Click on the pictures to get to the website.  As you can probably tell, I love pink and glitter.




Forever 21 nail polish is actually really nice after only 2 coats!  Even though mine is years old, it still brushes on beautifully.  There are subtle sparkles in the magenta that you can’t see in the picture but are SO pretty in real life!  Even all the reviews I read were extremely positive.  They are usually $2.80, but often go on sale for only $0.99.  The only issue is that they chip/smudge really easily, but you can fix that with top coat.  I would definitely recommend these!

Now on to…


  • Consider the long-term value of the item before buying it.  Would you wear this in the years to come?  Invest only in items that have long-term value, especially if your style has somewhat stabilized.
  • To evaluate the versatility of an item, try to think of 5 or more different ways you can incorporate it into outfits.  If you can’t, it probably doesn’t have enough versatility to be worn several times per season (this especially applies to people like me who don’t like to reuse outfits).  Be creative with your outfits!  A dress can easily transform into a skirt or shirt with strategic tucking/folding skills.  Click here for 10 ways to wear a red turtleneck, here for 10 ways to wear fuchsia pants, and here for 10 ways to wear a lace dress.  Cee is one of the most creative bloggers I know!
  • Know your go-to shops in terms of fit and style.  I use to always make fun of my mom for only shopping at Ann Taylor and Loft in their petite sections, but later realized that this makes shopping much more efficient.  Know which shops consistently fit you (i.e. PacSun jeans and H&M blazers for me) and then branch off into other shops after shopping at those ones.
  • Consider stretching and shrinkage.  Jeans often stretch throughout the day, so buy them on the tighter side.  On the other hand, clothing made of materials like cotton, linen, and silk easily shrink in the wash (especially knits) unless pre-shrunk, so make sure you buy these only if you are willing to possibly go through special washing efforts.  Furthermore, materials like wool must be dry cleaned and smell terrible when wet (i.e. if you get caught in a storm), so material is very important!
  • Consider the DIY-ability of the items you buy.  If you have some spare time and crafting skills, would you be able to easily replicate it at home?  As shown in my “7 Easy Ways to Embellish a Basic Tee” post, even expensive designer clothing can often be obtained much much cheaper through simple DIY projects.

That’s all for part 2!  I still have some tips, but may not get to them until after all my traveling.

Until next time,


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