Outfit + Pictures from Yale

HI guys!

Long time no post!  I’ll start off with the outfit.

photo-238       photo-237


Love Culture top, Aeropostale tank top, Forever 21 cardigan, JC Penny jeans, Old Navy boots

This top is so cute, but I didn’t get the details in the pictures.  It’s actually all lace (which is why I needed the tank top) with small red flowers all over.  The red flowers went perfectly with my jeans!  I wore my grey boots today because it’s the closest thing I have to rain boots, but it has zero water resistance so my feet were cold and wet this morning.  If you have any good rain boot suggestions, post them below!  Just keep in mind that I don’t have a very big budget.  I love this cardigan because it’s so easy to throw on top of anything.  In my opinion, a slouchy grey cardigan is a closet essential 🙂

No on to the pictures from my Yale trip!  I was there from Mon. evening to Wed. afternoon for the admitted students event and the schedule was packed!  There was over 40 pages of scheduled events, many of which occurred at the same time, so I was kept busy til past 2AM every day.  There was so much free food as well!  For example, since so many (over 30?) events started Tues. at 10:30PM, my friends and I first went to the Event Management Association for samples from various restaurants, then to the Korean American group for korean food, then to the Harvest meeting for s’mores, then to the Drop Team meeting for liquid nitrogen ice cream (SO GOOD!), etc. etc. and we kept running from group to group til our tummies were full 🙂  Everyone I met was amazing as well.  Everyone was so inspiring and enthusiastic!  Here is a taste of what I saw:

photo-242       photo-244


photo-241       photo-243




I’m not much of a picture person, so I only took a handful of pictures.  I wish I took more, because there were so many cool things to take pictures of!  Yale has an incredible number of libraries and the picture in the bottom left corner was taken in the Beinecke library, which holds its rare manuscripts.  As you can see, the walls have a cool textured appearance in order to transform sunlight into a light less damaging to old books.  There is a huge center spire detached from the floor that holds shelves and shelves of rare manuscripts (i.e. first edition of books, books w/ famous people’s notes on the pages, handwritten books, etc) and you can read them with sanitary gloves  by going to a clean room in the basement.  The librarian fetches your book and you can stay in the clean room for an allotted period of time.  The image on the bottom right is the 3D printer hand made by the students at Yale (there is a more high tech powerful one right next to it, but I thought this one was cuter).  At the time, it was printing out a pink iPhone case!

I could go on and on about all the amazing experiences I had, but it’s time to get back to business with homework and piano.  I’m so excited to be done with school and start college, but these next few weeks will be super hectic!

Until next time,


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